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Bubba Shaq # 3 x Skywalker bx1

Bubba Shaq # 3 x Skywalker bx1

This cross takes and OG Kush phenotype from Pre 98 Bubba Kush x Skywalker bx1 and crosses it back to the Skywalker bx1 again for more OG Kush influence. Big yield, better mold resistance than the Bubba style phenos this one can produce very cool and unique lemon meets true kush flavors

  • Strain Info

    11 Seeds

    Difficulty: Easy

    Flower Time: 63-70 Days

    Yield: Moderate-Heavy

  • Shipping Information

    All orders ship with a USPS tracking number or equivalent. Buyer to assume all liability in regards to local laws and pay flat rate based on location. Insurance recommended in case any damage occurs. These collectible bird seeds are not to be germinated in jurisdictions where laws prohibit them. 


40% off $4000

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