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OG Skywalker x (Animal Cookies x Jupiter OG f1 # 7)

OG Skywalker x (Animal Cookies x Jupiter OG f1 # 7)

Back in 2011 I received an Animal Cookies clone from Progressive Options to use in a small breeding project using the Jupiter OG f1 male. The ACJ OG seeds sat for ten years. 7 seeds were popped in the hopes of preserving this genetic line

From these 7 seeds we found 3 females and 4 males. A select sativa (OG Kush style) male ACJ # 7 was crossed to the 3 ACJ females along with 6 different OGs clone onlys, 3 different true BLDV kush, and a variety of poly hybrids based off of the Lemon Creamsicle male

This cross uses the flagship OG Skywalker hybridized with ACJ 7 which will result in some of the most powerful cannabis to ever be released in seed form

Gain market share by having superior genetics

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