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Skywalker OG IBL

Skywalker OG IBL

A few years back I did a pheno hunt on OG Skywalker x G-13 f3. I was able to find some huge yielding plants that show Skywalker growth morphology; the pharmacology on this generation started to lean more toward classic Afghan Hash plant in effect. OG Skywalker x G-13 f4 was never released due to its Hash Plant style

I ran the f4 seed in summer 2021 and these all turned out to be very stable frost monsters. An f5 was super necessary from a research standpoint

F5 testing outdoors in summer 2022 has offspring that grow nearly identical, terpenes smell like brand new tennis balls, and frost levels say this will be the best “washer” in most gardens

You’ll want to choose this strain as a replacement for strains that use “platinum” and “the white” for extra frost levels. Skywalker ibl will add equal frost but 2-3x potency

  • Shipping Information

    All orders ship with a USPS tracking number or equivalent. Buyer to assume all liability in regards to local laws and pay flat rate based on location. Insurance recommended in case any damage occurs. These collectible bird seeds are not to be germinated in jurisdictions where laws prohibit them.

  • Strain Information

    11 Regular Seeds

    75% Indica 25% Sativa

    THC: 30%+

    Difficulty: Medium

    Flower Time: 55-63 Days

    Yield: Heavy

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